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GROUP NAME: OMU Project and Innovation Youth Group

GRUP PROFILE: Nearly all the members of our group consist of academic staff and students of Ondokuz Mayis University. Beside their own research topics, academic staff of our group have projects, papers and patents as well as give lectures about entrepeneurship or TRIZ. Our main goal is to generalize entreneperenurship, innovation and TRIZ to not only university students but to interested people from all areas including industry and society. The majority of group members consist of OMU SME and Entrepreneurship Society students and bachelors and graduate students. 

AIM: The main purpose of our group is to increase the potential of talent and creativity in projects, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovative methods by increasing educational-teaching access through young people's shows, exhibitions, talent competitions, concerts, international/national projects, local seminars, different cultural and interactive events and to improve their development.

Also our educator group members are committed to creating the right aesthetics, arts, culture, human values, right attitude and behavior to make our young people find themselves in the group, motivate young people to create psychological, emotional and lifestyle comfort, doing routing studies in life and business life.


Prof. Dr. Metin YAVUZ

Metin YAVUZ received his BS degree in Department of Physics Teacher from Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU), Turkey, in 1984. He received his MS and PhD in Department of Physics from the University of Ondoduz Mayıs, Turkey, in 1987 and 1994. He is currently a professor of at the same university. His research interests include spectroscopy, molecular integrals,and innovative methods

He has published over 70 articles on these topics. In addition, he has contributed to 12 Europion Union project and 14 scientific research project as a legal representative.

Mustafa YILDIZ

Mustafa YILDIZ (Project Coordinator and trainer) has been in youth works since 2003. He has been in youth works in 22 different European countries and taken part in different projects. He has contributed to dozens of our teens to have an abroad experience since 2008. He has taken part as facilitator, trainer, group leader, guide and project cycle trainer in the projects carried out in Kayseri and other cities since 2007. Our coordinator also participated in Project Cycle Management trainings which Minister of European Union carried out in 2008-2009, he also attended the education of educators so he has got trainer certificate. Moreover, he has taken part in trainings which European Union Education and Youth Programmes Center Headship carried out at certain intervals, he has contributed to these programmes to grow up locally by having national multipliers training

Prof. Dr. Sadettin KAPUCU

Sadettin Kapucu received his BS and MS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey, in 1987 and 1990. He received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Gaziantep, Turkey 1994. He is currently a professor of at the same university and the Head of Machine Theory and Dynamics Division. His research interests include robotics, robot vision, industrial hydraulic power control, and creative/innovative problem-solving(TRIZ). He has published over 50 articles on these topics. In addition, he has contributed to seven patents currently registered and used in industry. He has also developed course and courses’ material on the “Inventive Problem-Solving in Engineering Design”.

Prof. Dr. Kürşat DEMİRYÜREK

Kürşat Demiryürek is a professor of extension education in the Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Ondokuz Mayıs University, Samsun, Turkey. He got BSc  on Agricultural Economics and MSc on Rural Distance Education both from Ankara University. He did his PhD from Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Department of Reading University, England. His PhD thesis was about Agricultural Information Systems for organic and conventional hazelnut producers in Turkey. He has professional experiences and conducted research in rural extension, agricultural information systems, social network analysis, organic agriculture, rural distance education and academic entrepreneurships. He has worked as short time experts in several EU, UNDP and FAO's rural extension and development projects in Turkey.


Öğr.Gör. Hiroko KAWAMORİTA

Hiroko Kawamorita is a Lecturer at Ondokuz Mayis University in the field of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. She is also an Entrepreneurship Development Coordinator at the International Relation’s office, responsible for creating and implementing institutional projects. In addition, she is working on national and international applied research projects in the field of entrepreneurship education. She has studied and worked in different countries for over 19 years including UK, Italy, Iran, Jordan, Turkey and Maldives. Her area of  research interests are  Entrepreneurship Development, Entrepreneurial University and Higher Education systems and  Social Entrepreneurship.

Yrd. Doç. Dr. Esen ERSOY

I graduated from Ondokuz Mayıs University of Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Department of Statistics in Samsun/Turkey, in 2001. I completed my master between 2003-2005 in the same department of same university. And than, I completed my doctoral thesis Dokuz Eylül University Department of Primary Mathematics Education in İzmir/Turkey between 2006-2012.

My doctoral thesis includes high level thinking in problem based learning process. My study areas are math education, problem based learning, creative thinking, creative drama, high level thinking and problem solving. I completed two years of creative drama education. I had five certificate about creative drama teaching. I am working at Ondokuz Mayıs University Department of Primary Mathematics Education in Samsun/Turkey now.

My bachelor lessons are problem solving in mathematics education, creative drama, scientific research methods, special thinking methods, problem based learning, mathematics teaching. I gave graduated lessons are test development techniques, creativity and creativity problem solving in mathematics education, statistics in education research, reasoning and problem solving in mathematics education and statistical methods and applications.

Araş. Gör. Halil MUTUK

Halil MUTUK got his Physics Education (2009) and Mathematics (2016) BS degrees from OMU. He obtained MSc of Nuclear Physics from Natural Sciences Institute of OMU. He is PhD candidate at the same department. He had a scholorship from TUBITAK 1001 Project between 2014 and 2017.

Research Areas: QCD Sum Rules, Hadron Physics, Mathematical Physics

His research interests: Innovation, Innovative Methods, TRIZ

Uzm. Hakan BÜLBÜL

Hakan Bülbül got his Physics Education (2001) BS degrees from OMU. He obtained Ondokuz Mayıs University, Institute of Science and Technology,Solid State Physics Department, Master of Science

He is a PhD student at the same department

His Research and interest Areas: Crystallography, Renewable Energy, Spectroscopy Innovation, Innovative Methods, TRIZ

In the field of crystallography there are a total of 9 items.


She was graduated from Ondokuz Mayıs University in 2013. She studied in physics of the Faculty of Science and Literature. She has studying for master degree in the field of atomic and molecular physics at the same University and her thesis is on the point of finishing. She has published an article in peer-reviewed journal (SCI). She took in charge as educator in the project “ I am learning The Planet where I live-IV” which is backed by Tubitak within Faculty of Education at Ondokuz Mayıs University.

She attented TRIZ, the Project with patent, seminar and education. She attented actual conferences at an international level, which were related her field, as listener.

Abdülbaki PARLAK

He was born in Tokat in 1994. He studied primary and high school here. He is Business administration student at the Ondokuz Mayıs University. He is the founder of OMU SME and Entrepreneurship Community. He is the regional leader in InovaTİM, one of the biggest national student organizations in Turkey.

Alper KAYA

I was born in Samsun on November 15, 1995. I graduated from the  19 Mayıs Anatolian High School. I am a 3rd year student in civil engineering at Ondokuz Mayis University and a member of OMU SME and Entrepreneurship Community.


I'm studying my second year as industrial engineering in 19 May University. I'm 20 years old and living in İstanbul. I'm a member of KOBİ and entrepreneurship, IEEE society in my university.


I was born in 1995, in Kocaeli. I’m studying industrial engineering in OMÜ. I’m a third grade student. I’m interested in innovation. Because inavation is for my job necessarily. So I became a member different club. I was board member ‘Endüstri Mühendisliği Mükemmellik’ Club. Then I became member of OMU SME and Entrepreneurship Community.. I took a part different activity about

innovation in club.


She trained in prague for 10 month between September 2015/June 2016 under ERASMUS student exchange programme. The ERASMUS programme taken during the training process are ichtology, quality and processing of animal products, flow in atmonsheric boundary layer, fundamentals of genetics, applied mathematics, physics applied to enginnering, web design, mathematics, english ve czech language. It is thought that it is successful student in social communication and group work in the social project.


My name is Seda Alkan and ı born in 12.01.1997. I am an industrial engineering student at Ondoku Mayıs university. And now with intercollegiate transfer program I am at Osmangazi university, studying my 3rd year od industrial engineering.

Until now I focused at lean maunfacturing , Toyota maunfacturing systems and ınnovation areas.Here at 19 Mayıs universityfor creat innovation awareness  i did a Project called keen innovation.

And I like thing abut myself that I am a person that willing to learn more and has a wide percpective and ı believe that, me studying an industrial engineering is a reflection of that idea.


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