This project is co-funded by the European Union and the Republic of Turkey

PROJECT NAME: TRIZ For Entrepreneurs

CONTRACT NUMBER: 2016-3-TR01-KA105-036556

APPLICANT INSTUTION: OMU Project and Innovation Youth Group




PROJECT PARTNER COUNTRIES: Turkey (Hosting Country), Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovenia, France


PROJECT TARGET AUDIENCE: Youth leaders and youth workers in our partner organizations (3 participants from each country)


GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT: One of the most important concepts in the competitive environment of the century we live in is INFORMATION ECONOMICS. Knowledge/information is important, but it is even more important to transform it into an economic value added. When the educational policies of developed countries are examined, it is seen that the source of high value added information comes from the STEM field. STEM consists of the first letters of Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, which means that these fields are integrated with each other. Every kind of information has the potential to transform into more or less economic value. However, the highest scientific knowledge with the potential for economic added value comes from basic science such as physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics and also from hybrid areas such as medicine and computers etc. that use these sciences together intensively. Individuals need to be educated to this reality. Today, our universities are overloaded with knowledge based on memorization, and there is not enough effort on how to use this information, creativity and problem solving skills. 78% of the millions of patents taken each year are obtained with secondary school level information. So our basic problem is that knowledge is about how to use information.

The only way to commercialize information is to do INNOVATION. There are over 300 innovative methods in the world. The TRIZ method, which has an exceptional one of these, is called the knowledge of innovation. TRIZ is an innovative method that provides us the methodology of how to make inventions systematically based on scientific knowledge. This method, known as Creative Problem Solving Theory, is used by almost all major international companies. However, since there is not enough TRIZ expert, it is not widely known. In Youth Work, the problem you are experiencing is already experienced by different industries and individuals.

  • The most creative solutions are those that define and remove contradictions.
  • The most creative solutions are those that turn danger and weakness into benefits.

Therefore, in youth work, young people will be able to solve these problems, which they encounter in society as well as in society, by using these parameters.

TRIZ was formualted by the determination of the common features of the examinations of hundreds of thousands of patents. It has been observed that all of the patents examined have resulted in the improvement of one or both of 39 physical parameters. Here, when one parameter is improved, the other parameters are deteriorated (occuring of contradiction), and when both parameters are improved at the same time, product characteristics are improved and a total of 40 creative/innovative principles have been determined to eliminate these contradictions.

In its own case, TRIZ is an innovative method that shows us how to get systematic, algorithmic and methodological based on limited number of parameters and limited number of creative principle and unlimited number of patents based on scientific knowledge.

The method is also successfully used in the solution of social problems through the inclusion of social responses of physical parameters. TRIZ applications for different young people in different age groups are being made in different countries.

In our project, these methods will be given by overlapping with the entrepreneurial skills of young people and their reflection on youth work.

Entrepreneurs are those who realize the potential for commercialization of information and invest in it. Undoubtedly, entrepreneurs are the most important actors in the commercialization of knowledge in this situation. For this reason, we gave project name as "TRIZ for Entrepreneurs" and aimed to educate non-governmental organizations and youth workers, leaders, trainers and mentors working on youth in these subjects.

Information on Entrepreneurship and TRIZ, as well as social and cultural interactions of youth workers and youth leaders in our partner organizations, for young people who have not been actively involved in society to acquire basic skills in access to opportunities and social deprivation, resource creation, innovation, risk taking and social change, skills and capacities.


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